hand knitted baby hats…for warm heads & warm hearts


Is going by just too darn fast.  Really.  My sweet, cuddly, curly haired toddler has turned into this beautiful,  tall, wavy haired teenager overnight, I swear.

Today we are about to go to someplace that holds precious memories for our family.  Especially for my husband and I, remembering how our little girl used to look in awe at the wonders she saw.  Sheer delight on her face.

It will be different today, because now she’s ‘grown up’, but we are still going to cherish each memory.  Because in just a short time, she really will be grown up.  And I will be proud of the woman she becomes, sure.  But I’ll always miss my little girl.

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In a funk….and not the good kind

I’ve had one of those mornings.  My daily list of ‘5 things’ includes 5 things that have gone wrong before 9 a.m.  I could keep adding to the list, but I don’t need to bum myself out any more.

So, what do you do when your day starts badly?  Try to change your perspective, I guess.   Yes, many minor things have happened, but I got my daughter to school safely, I had some alone time at work this morning, my workout went quickly, I’m healthy, and I get to go on vacation soon.   There, that’s my list of 5 things.   Did it.  

Though it didn’t help.  I’m still in a funk.  I guess it’s time to change to some real funk, ala Wild Cherry.  “Play that Funky Music” never fails to make me chuckle.  Especially when I think of my 3 year old daughter calling the song “Play that Funky Music why why”.  Yes, I started her musical education early.  As all parents should.

Time to restart my day.





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Good baby news – the triplets are doing well! – hand knitted baby hats

I heard from my friend with the triplets yesterday.    They are always on my mind, because they were so little when they were born.   I’m glad to report they are doing well!   They are in open cribs and bottle feeding – yay!   And the baby boy is 6 pounds, while the girls are still catching up, but over 4 pounds each.   As a friend said “Good baby news is the best kind of good news” and it is!   I still can’t imagine what awaits these parents as they bring home their 3 babies, but I am so excited for them to finally have their family.  What an exciting homecoming it will be!

DSC00062 (3)

By the way, she loved the hats I sent.   I show them again here, because I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the customization available.  I wanted to make the hats ‘match’, but not be too matchy-matchy.  They’re all made from the same white cotton organic yarn that I love so much, but the style and accessories are just a little different.   They’re all 100% cotton, and the  boy’s pom is from the Peruvian cotton I posted yesterday.  The pink button is the 100%  organic cotton that I use for the ‘Ruby’ hat, and the lilac is another unique cotton that I used for the lilac hats (see earlier post.)   A set of two or three of these would be perfect baby shower gifts!

Soo…..if you see something at the store : http://www.etsy.com/shop/punkinhead1 or just want to contact me with ideas, I’d be glad to customize a hat for you with different color poms, buttons, or flowers.   🙂

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It’s time for something new….hand knitted cotton baby/newborn hats

Change can be a good thing.  As much as I hate to face it sometimes.  I have some big changes coming up, and I’m actually beginning to realize that it’s not going to be as bad as I thought it might be.   Change makes us rethink things.   Embrace new ideas.   Prioritize.   Become more efficient.   And that’s what will happen.   If you don’t have a choice in a situation, you can at least choose how you face the situation.  So, I’m choosing to face it head on and with a positive attitude.   Remind me of that later when I start to panic again, will you?

Anyway, while pondering everything that’s going on, I made a new hat with some awesome yarn that a friend gave to me.  It’s hand dyed from Peru by a non profit organization, Manos del Uruguay, that helps women in need.   Done in large kettles to create a subtle striated effect, the yarn is soft and has lovely shades of soft green and ivory.   Available with or without the pom pon here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/120277033/hand-knit-baby-hat-hand-dyed-yarnDSC00269

I’m also trying to get caught up on etsy and other things on my ‘to do’ list.   Like posting another hat I made a while ago, it’s a larger size of this lavender cutie, which would be good for a 6-12 month baby, with some stretch for growth.   Available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/114437666/lavender-hand-knit-baby-girl-hat-cotton


So now onto more things on my list.   There’s always something, isn’t there?

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Who writes this Hoo Haa anyway?

That was the title I thought of this morning as I lie in bed, thinking about the day I had yesterday.  “Best Laid Plans” was a post I made a few weeks ago.  How plans can go awry, but that’s life and you have to just deal with it and adjust to change.  But, sometimes when your best laid plans go awry, it just sucks.  And yesterday sucked for me.

My employee of 14 years, my right hand, my framer, my sports person, my sale person, my Jack of All Trades person, my friend, my ‘sister’ gave me her notice yesterday.    After 13 years of 3 of us working in the office, one of us will be gone at the end of the month.  I feel sad.  I feel bereft.  I feel overwhelmed.   I feel lost.   Sure, I can hire someone new.   And it’s our slow season, so I have time.   Yes, I can train someone to answer the phones, help clients, etc., but it will take forever to teach them all of the nuances, policies, ‘what ifs’, we have in our business.   A new person won’t know the clients.   A new person won’t know the history.  A new person won’t be able to remember the name of someone when we describe a session, client, situation.  It just won’t be the same.

But, as Life Happens, I woke up, as I usually do, pretty happy.   Then I Remembered.   I feel this overwhelming loss.   And then I read the paper.   A father of 3, age 45, died suddenly after being diagnosed with cancer just a few weeks ago.   I’m 45.  Then I realized I can mope and whine all I want, but I really don’t have anything to mope and whine about, compared to this family.   I’m alive, I’m healthy, my family is healthy, and I have to be grateful and quit bemoaning the changes happening.   Sure, it will suck.  And it will be crazy busy for the 2 of us left behind.  And it will not be the same.   But, what will be will be.  And there’s nothing I can do about it.   Best Laid plans…

Sometimes I hate it when I’m right.

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Laugh until you snort

This past weekend we had a big family reunion – our first in years – and if I remember correctly, the first time we’d all been together since my grandfather died in 1994.   He, and my grandmother especially, would have been so pleased to see the whole family together.  She loved family gatherings, and never wanted them to end.   Someone shared the memory of Grandma not wanting to leave a party, and my grandfather being in the car and honking the horn, as she stood inside in her coat, talking a bit more.

So this weekend was about stories.  Stories that made us laugh until our ribs hurt.  Stories that made my sister laugh until she snorted (though she may deny it).   Stories that made people long gone seem a little closer.

One of my favorite is about my dear, sweet grandmother.  My grandfather was a Baptist pastor, so she had the role of helping to lead the church.   A very upstanding, proper role.   As I mentioned, she loved to get us together, and yearly she would have a Grandkid Sleepover, with all of us that were ages 6 and up, or so.   We would sleep on her living room floor, after eating her cookies, and playing Trivial Pursuit.   One night, after our grandparents were in bed, we realized, to our terror, that there was someone outside the window, staring in at us, with a nylon over their head!  We were terrified.  You can’t (or maybe you can) imagine the screams, which grew louder as this person walked into the breezeway, and then into the house.   My grandparents, somehow, were sleeping through all of this commotion, as we are about to be murdered, for sure.

Then, as this creep comes through the kitchen doorway, we figure out who it is.   It’s Grandma.  My sweet, proper grandmother, trying to scare the daylights out of her dear grandchildren.  Who would do such a thing???   My great, awesome, funny grandmother.   The one whom I can credit when my friends and family chide me for playing a trick on them.  I’ve been known to pull a prank or two, and I remember now that I do it in honor of Grandma.

So, all in all, I’d say the reunion was a success.  If you haven’t had one lately, make plans.   Call, email, or message family, and set a date.  Do it now, you won’t regret it.

You’ll talk into the night.  You’ll laugh until you cry, snort, or hurt your ribs.  You’ll make memories.  Memories to be shared at the next reunion, or 30 years later, like the story of a grandmother scaring the kabeejies out of her grandkids.

Good times, good times.   Already looking forward to next year.



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