hand knitted baby hats…for warm heads & warm hearts


Punkinhead.net began when I got this little idea in the back of my head about selling hand knitted baby hats. I love making hats, my teenager was busy and not needing me as much, and I thought why not? My sister and I bounced around names and suddenly, I thought “I wish I could name it after Punkinhead”. Eureka! To explain, Punkinhead is my daughter, a nickname she acquired when she was a baby, and one she’s stuck with, even now she’s grown. I still call her ‘Punk’ sometimes – it’s an endearing term, not a reflection of her character. She’s a smart, compassionate adult, of whom I am very proud.
Anyway, punkinhead, llc was born. Website was secured. Papers were filed. And now I sell my hats on etsy, with orders having gone all over the country! I am still giddy when I get an order, because it’s a wonderful feeling when someone buys something you made. It really is. And I love being part of celebrations. The last order was for triplets. How exciting!
So, thanks for looking. Thanks for shopping, if you do. And thanks for reading.


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