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Don’t be a Downer

on September 7, 2016

2016 has been one of the hardest years EVER for our family.   I know everyone has bad times, but this one seems to be unique and all falling within the last 8 months.  Full of calamaties, over and over, a little brain surgery here, car accidents there, young friends’ untimely passings, ruined vacations, illnesses, medical bills, etc.

And every time I think things are going to look up….

My friends have watched our struggle.  They’re an awesome group of people I’ve come to love and count on for their support.  I, however, feel I’m doing them a disservice lately –  because I’m catching myself being a Debbie Downer.   It’s true!  I AM the classic character from “Saturday Night Live” portrayed by Rachel Dratch.


Whu whu whuuuu…. Like Debbie, I don’t ever seem to have any good news.  When friends ask How are You – what do I say?  Lie and say “Fine”?  Be truthful and say, “2016 sucks and I don’t think I can handle one more thing?”  I am at a loss.

And if I do share anything, frankly, I depress myself.  I can only imagine how they feel.

But I know my friends will listen.  And want to help.  And bring me treats and hugs.  Still, though – I haven’t been the best company.

I’m trying to change.  I’m trying to find the joyful things in life.   This past holiday weekend, our little family decided to try to find something fun to do every day.  We had to get out of the house, laugh, forget about any troubles.  We took the dog to the park and watched her crazy, lopsided run.  We discovered new parks.  We ate dinner on the rooftop.  We threw around the football.

Because wallowing isn’t a choice.  We have to be grateful for what is good in our lives, and that – to be pessimistic (optimistic?) – things could always be worse.  We have had a lot of blessings the last few months – and we are healthy, and alive, and for that we must be thankful.

This is one of my new favorite songs.  I keep singing the line, “Don’t be a Downer”.

I love this performance.

Finding the little things in life that you enjoy and make you smile.  That’s how we get through it all.

Don’t be a downer.

I’m trying.  I really am.






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