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Not a happy hat

Usually I’m happy to knit hats, obviously.    I sell hand knit baby hats, I should be happy about it.   But recently I had to take a break from baby hats to make a hat I wasn’t happy about knitting.  Well, I was happy I could do it, but not happy for the reason I had to make it.   You see, it’s what they call a ‘chemo cap’.  A hat for someone who is about to lose their hair due to chemotherapy.   And it’s beautiful, for sure, I love the way it knitted up.   But, it’s for my stepdaughter, who has breast cancer.   Cancer has hit our family, again.   How can I be happy about that?

I can’t be ‘happy’, but I’m trying to be grateful.   Grateful her cancer is Stage 1.    Grateful they caught it early.   Grateful surgery went well.  Grateful she’s young and strong.   Grateful she has insurance.  Grateful she has a great attitude.   Grateful she is here.

So I’m shipping off her ‘chemo cap’, though I really hate that term.   It’s done.   And I hope I don’t have to make another one any time soon.

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