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My brain is going to melt.

You’ve ever been to a conference and learned so many new things that your brain actually hurts from all of the information?  That’s me.   It’s only been 3 days, but it’s been a very long 3 days.  3 days of talking about work, thinking about work, getting new ideas for work, for 12 hours a day.   I. Am. Burnt. Out.   548338_319743551424512_288508574548010_756669_75664385_n

But, learning is growth, right?  New ideas are exciting.  And change is good.  It is all worth the long drive and long days.   We are seeing so many cool things, and getting so much feedback, and getting such inspiration, it’s been really, truly, awesome.

Who needs full brain power, anyway?

BTW, no time for knitting, so more stuff will have to wait….Here is a repeat of one of my favorites, the Ruby, on the left.   And below, an image from another photographer, featuring the Bobby.222592_10151042068056157_1078814403_n   Love to see my hats ‘in action’.

Until then, don’t forget the shop is at : http://www.etsy.com/shop/punkinhead1

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I found it! Soft, hand knit gnome super soft hat.

I have been neglecting my Gratitude List that I was so good about doing every day.  I’ve slacked – gotten busy- lame excuse.   But I just found the label to the skein of yarn I used to make this gnome hat DSC00066 (2), which I absolutely adore.  I love the hat, I love the yarn.   I’ve been wanting to do more with this yarn, but I could not remember what kind it was.   The label was not in my knitting bag, or my other bag, or my other stash, or in another bag…..let’s just say, I need a bigger place to store all my stuff.
Anyway, the itchy back I have been cursed with since I had shingles when I was 17, forced me to do a down on my knees, under the couch search for my back scratcher.  And, what do I see right next to it?  THE label!   I am very happy, indeed!  I can’t wait to get some more.  Yay!

mit144So, getting to the point, the gratitude list is back on!    And you know, the funny thing is, when I made the list of 5 things, I forgot ‘finding the label’.  That became # 6.   🙂   It seemed like a stressful day, but I feel better already.   The Gratitude List really works.   Maybe I can actually do # 3 and sleep in tomorrow.   Fingers crossed.

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Twin hats – hand knitted newborn – organic cotton

Well, as my previous post mentioned, there are always a million thought going through my head.   And not all come to fruition, I’m afraid.   But here is one I’ve actually remembered to do!   While thinking of the hats available, and if there was something I could make for twins, like I did for the triplets, I realized this.   I already have a twin set done.   It’s as I told my coworker today – I love it when I have a really great idea, go to implement it, and realized I’d already had that idea.  It means I’m doubly smart, not twice as forgetful.  🙂

Ruby, pink with white flower

Ruby, pink with white flower

Ruby, white with pink flower.

Ruby, white with pink flower.

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Sliding doors and other thoughts

If you know me, you know I usually have a million thoughts going through my head at any given time.   Especially at work.  I need to do this, but first I should do That, but wait, there’s this….   I’ve started actually writing things down, otherwise I forget, of course, then an hour later remember, and have to stop what I’m doing to do what I was supposed to do, then the cycle continues.

So, I’ve had a few thoughts running through my head this last week.  First is my very own “Sliding Doors” moment.  If you don’t know, “Sliding Doors” is a Gwyneth Paltrow movie from the late 90’s.  The movie follows two story lines – 1 where Gwyneth’s character barely catches the subway train, and subsequently catches her boyfriend cheating on her.  The 2nd story arc is where the subway doors slide shut and she misses the train, and therefore, doesn’t discover the affair, stays with her boyfriend, etc.  It’s a good movie, though I hated the end.   Anyway, my point is that the other day I didn’t do my usual morning routine because I had to take my daughter to the doctor.   Right before we head out the door, I remember I wanted to take my library book to read in the waiting room,so I run up to get it.  Finally we get into the car and head down the same highway we take everyday.   But wait, traffic is backed up.  There’s an accident.  A bad one.   Car on fire, type of bad.  After 1/2 hour we are told by the police to turn around and exit the on ramp.   Later we find out the accident was fatal, and a 24 year old lost his life.  That could have been us.   Reports say the accident happened about 4 minutes before we arrived at the scene.  And traffic wasn’t backed up that far.    No, it didn’t take me 4 minutes to go get my book, but if we had been just a little faster getting ready, or I had woken up 4 minutes earlier, we could have met that same terrible fate.   So, why didn’t we?  Fate?  God?

Well, I mentioned the other million thoughts going through my head, and the other has been thinking of the thoroughly stupid things I did as a young person, and somehow I’m still here.   God must have a plan for my life.   Maybe it’s raising my daughter.  Maybe it’s to be in the right place at the right time to benefit someone else.   Maybe it won’t even happen for another 20 years.   In any case, I thank God that I’m still here.  Even more so, with every fiber of my being, I thank God my daughter is here, and safe.

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