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Tis the Season for Baby Showers! Hand Knitted baby hats – organic cotton

Ahhh….the longest winter ever finally seems to be over!   The  snow 2 weeks ago is becoming a distant memory, and we are finally able to enjoy spring.  Really enjoy a Real Spring – with mid 70’s and sun and breeze.   I was afraid we would go from being too cold to too hot, wchiphich has happened so many times before.

But, it’s been gorgeous out – time to plant our vegetables, split our perennials, and relish in the sunshine that has eluded us all winter.

It’s also time for baby showers!   People have babies all year round, but why does it seem like there are so many more showers in the summer months?   Perhaps because it’s so nice to have them outside, travel is easy, people are on vacation.   I don’t know – but it’s so exciting to see those growing bellies knowing that soon a little one will be joining our crazy, mixed up world.   Full of hope and promise and new life.

Ruby, pink with white flower

Ruby, pink with white flower

Life has been incredibly busy for me – the end of the school year always is, so I’m reposting a few of my favorite hats.   All are available at my store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/punkinhead1 or use the Store link at the right.   Most hats available are for newborns to 3 months, but custom sizing is always available.   The Chip and Ruby shown are from 100% organic cotton.   The Bobby, shown, is from a super soft acrylic – and is actually modeled by the baby whose mother received it as a gift at her shower!

And as always, any questions, just ask.  I’m here.   Busy, but here!

Happy Spring!222592_10151042068056157_1078814403_n

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Why so cranky?

Have you ever noticed some people are just so cranky?  And have you wondered why?

I was telling a friend today about a very cranky lady at work who just yelled and yelled at me the other day.   For something out of my control.  And when I called her back, to tell her that it would be resolved, to her benefit even, she gave me the silent treatment.  I was killing her with kindness and she was still rude.

And then today we go to process her charge card and it was declined.  My co-worker calls her and is almost apologetic that this has happened, though we are not in the wrong.  The woman does say she’s sorry and gives us a different card number, which is also declined.   Then she sounds annoyed when we have to call her again, though we’d be much happier if we didn’t have to.  Does she think we’re enjoying this?   And guess what – the situation is still not resolved because she hasn’t returned our call.

Which begs the question of why some people are like that.  And what is it that makes them so cranky?  Is there something in their lives they are dealing with that is making them so awful?  Or are they just like that?

Probably a little bit of both.

When my mother-in-law was dying, we were in the middle of a big painting project.   My husband was out of town, and I had to get another gallon of paint from the home improvement store.   Well, they did the wrong formula, which, of course, I didn’t discover until I was at home and started to put it on the walls.   So, on my return trip to the store, I have to admit, I was a bit cranky.   And I’m never cranky to store employees.   Never.  I am usually thanking them for my purchase.  I think a lot of us who work retail are nicer than average.   We know.  We just know what their job is like.

So this outburst was unlike me.  And after I calmed down, I apologized to the clerks, I explained the situation, and I began to cry.  In the middle of the paint department.  No, not one of my finer moments.   Then the dear older clerk came around the counter and gave me a big hug.   Which, of course, caused me to cry even more.   Right next to the paint chips.   Lovely.

My point is …..there was definite stress in my life that was making me so cranky.   This client has had 2 different credit/debit cards declined for the relatively small amount of $25.   There’s gotta be some stress there, don’t you think?

And isn’t it funny that I’d like to think so?  Is it wrong to wish she has something going on to make her so cranky?  Maybe it’s a little wish that she can’t be like that all the time.  Can she?

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