hand knitted baby hats…for warm heads & warm hearts

When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange {Hand knit baby hats/punkinhead}

Well, I”m sure you all knew immediately what fine, lyrical, timeless masterpiece that line above came from.  What?  You didn’t spend every afternoon of your childhood watching “The Brady Bunch”?   3 times on 3 different stations (yay for syndication!)?   Now, don’t you feel sad?  This is from the “Dough Re Mi” episode.   One of the best!  What am I saying, they were all the best to my 8 year old mind.   I know I drove my mother crazy watching that show over and over.  I understand now, after listening to all the Disney sitcoms (and their infernal laugh tracks) when my daughter was younger.  Note:  Get a tv room/den with French doors so you can protect your ears from the idiocy.

Anyway –  to my point, it has been a Time for Change in our household.

First, we finally succumbed to the begging of our teenager, and got a dog.   Our first dog.   And not just any dog, but a rescue dog that has turned out to be the neediest dog in the history of the World.  Sophie is a sweet thing, yes she is, but she loves you, and loves you, and loves you until you just want her out of your face.   So, that has been a big adjustment – for all of us.  And, sadly, the dog has attached herself to my husband, so now my daughter still wants a dog of her own.  Uh…no….knit baby boy hat blue/green

Secondly – I’ve made a slight career change and have started a 2nd job.   I never thought I’d become one of those people that actually had to keep a calendar, telling me where to be, when, but I have.   I am still at the studio, of course, but I can do a lot of my management, and online posting, etc., out of the office.  So, for 2 days a week I work on a friend’s real estate team as a Office Coordinator.  It has been a Whole New World for me (ok – now we can cue “Aladdin” and get that song stuck in our heads) but I love it – and I love the change.   I’ve been at the studio for (cough) 24 years and it was time for something new,  something to break the routine.  So here I am learning the world of real estate 2 days at a time.

Lastly – and this is HUGE – I used to spend my Friday nights cuddling with my little girl, watching a Princess or Barbie movie.  It was sweet, special times.   This Friday night I watched her back out of the driveway for a short driving lesson before going to a high school football game to hang out with her friends (Mom’s attendance not required, nor desired.)   How has this happened?   It was just yesterday she was wearing hats this size.  Now she’s already taken the ACT and the word ‘college’ is getting thrown about.   I’m not liking this, not liking this at all.

So, as you can imagine – these changes have brought around a lot more in our household.  We haven’t left the house as a family for more than a couple of hours – unless we’ve taken the dog to day care.  Yes, Day Care for the dog – Crazy idea when I first heard of it, Genius idea now that I have a dog.   My husband does even more of the laundry and grocery shopping, now that I’m working 10 hours some days.   My daughter is driving Me around.  And knitting, sadly, has been put aside.   So, here is a little boy hat I made months ago, that I just found and realized I never posted.

Happily, now that fall is upon us, and the evenings are getting darker, sooner, I’ve picked up the needles again.   I delved right in to a big project, and my wrists are still recovering.  I may need to slow it down again, but I’m hoping not.  I’m inspired to get some things done!

Of course, this hat, and others, are available in my etsy shop:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/punkinhead1.  And, just in case you don’t know the tune, you can watch “Time to change”  here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyooALwfxO8   I’m going to consider it my Public Service Announcement for the day.  Enjoy.

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