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Best laid plans….

on December 18, 2012

This morning my daughter said she wanted to make my ‘famous’ banana bread for her favorite past principal.   This is usually a big task, because when we make banana bread, we make banana bread.  A triple batch.  No sense going to all that trouble for one measly loaf, right?  But – a chance to bake and mother/daughter bond?  Are you kidding?  Of course we can make banana bread on a school/work night!

Well, thanks to the Homework Gods, child is holed up in her room for what promises to be a 3 hour study session.  Great.   So, I decided to put on our cheesiest Christmas album and and get busy.  What is the cheesiest album, you ask?  2 words.  Mannheim Steamroller.  Doesn’t matter the album.  They all have a Cheese factor of 100.   Why, then, did I voluntarily listen to them?   Because, for some crazy reason, it has become tradition for us to listen to Mannheim Steamroller while we decorate our tree.  So, hearing those synthetic tunes come out of the Bose reminded me of the past, having a great time with my little girl.  And that’s what I’m about this week, cherishing my ‘little’ girl.   Even if our Baking Night plans fell through and she’s not little any more.  She’s home and she’s safe.

Anyway, the music made me laugh, and the bread is in the oven. Time to sit and have a moment of peace and quiet and maybe some “Downton Abbey”.   Cue husband walking in the door wanting to watch the basketball game.  So, much for finding out if Matthew and Mary ever get married!

Best laid plans…..Well, my computer just restarted in the middle of the last paragraph.  Yesterday would have been my 24th anniversary to my 1st husband.   The little loaf of banana bread I made was supposed to last us a couple of days and my family just ate half of it while it was still warm.  Plans change.   Lives change.  It’s what makes life interesting.  Sometimes it makes our lives happy.  Sometimes unbearably sad.

So my evening is not working out as I planned.   My life hasn’t worked out like I planned.  But my family is home and safe.  That’s all that matters to me today.  And every day.


One response to “Best laid plans….

  1. Agreed–just like with a GPS ‘trip recalculation’ is just a part of it all :>)

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